15 Things Back in Canada That I'm Stoked About


in canadaI don't know who said you can never go home again (a quick google search reveals that it was Thomas Wolfe and that wasn't quite how he said it but we're keeping it here - thanks, google!) but that person Thomas Wolfe was crazy. I go home (sometimes I crawl there) on a pretty regular basis. There's no shame in that!! Right!? Right, you guys!?

With that return super close at hand now, I have spent increasing amounts of time getting giddy on thoughts of what I'm most excited for upon myB return to the Canada, the Great White North, home of the Canucks, land of snow and ice...(just as a reference point, it's actuallyB notB the snow - at least not really).

And so, just for fun and because writing lists of any sort helps ease my anxiety (big changes and all that), I've compiled a list of the things I'm most excited about. Here it is (warning, this list may make you hungry - home is where the heart is?...I say, home is where the food is):

1. I cannot WAIT for brunch. Brunch! Brunch brunch brunch. I am drooling just repeatedly typing it (sure, I'm kinda gross). The smell of hashbrowns, the taste of hashbrowns, heaping piles of hashbrowns on my plate...ok, maybe I'm just missing hashbrowns but I'd LOVE a side of egg sandwich, too, and my endless coffee to go with them so that makes them brunch, I say. And it's even ok to overcharge, Canada! Just keep those potaters comin' and all is forgiven! in canada 2. Underwear. In big bum sizes that do not look like something far uglier than either of my grandmothers would ever be caught dead in. The underwear situation in Korea is WOEFULLY inadequate. It's either the world's smallest thong or granny panties from hell (like, up to my chest but won't cover my bum!? WHY!?). So underwear. New underwear. Underwear in sizes XS-XL and beyond, in every style and shape, all for my choosing pleasure. Ahhhhhhh. It will be blissful.

3. My Lomo camera. And my new Canon camera! Now that I have more time for hobbies (in theory - I don't see it lasting) I'm really stoked to take more pictures. I know what you're thinking -B B I already take an obnoxious amount - but think how wonderful it will be with vintage and/or coloured film! Or, you know, some actual technique that I might-learn-eventually-one-day-I-can't-promise-anything. (It's a lot harder to be a hipster from outside of Canada, you guys)

4. Drip coffee. Americanos are grand and all, but they are not overly strong and wonderfully cheap enough to support my {insert a high but not disgusting-to-you number here} cups of coffee per day addiction.

5. Being able to buy instant coffee without sugar in it. Not that I will - because why would I buy instant coffee unless in dire straits!? - but being able to read the labelsB and choose not to buy sugar-free instant coffee will be amazing. Who knows, I might even buy some just for the sheer joy of it!

6. Books. Not only my boxes and boxes of books that I have missed in a manner far surpassing rational, but just holding a book in my hands and cozying up to read it instead of my Kindle. Look - kindles are great for travel and I love mine - B but real books will always reign supreme.

in canada

7. Other tall people. WHAT!?

8. Clothing with sizes. "Free size" can only get you so far, my friends.

9. Tofu forced into strange forms vaguely resembling meat. Don't judge me. You don't live it, you don't know! Variety is the spice of life, and I can't wait for fake bacon sandwiches and fake chicken salads to spice up mine.

10. Wide open spaces. Cue the Dixie Chicks here (I hate that song). But yes. Vastness. And quiet. Ahhhhhh quiet. winter-1199878_1280 11.Fresh texas-cut rye bread heaped with thick cut tomatoes and cucumbers and DILL pickles (how I have missed thee!) and anything else I can heap on before sinking my teeth into that delectable goodness.

12. The following conversation with a total stranger: Me: "Oh, sorry" Them: "No no, I'm sorry" Me: "It was my fault. Sorry 'bout that" Them: "{big smile} I'm sorry, too" Or vice versa, of course. in canada 13. Naaaaaccccchhhhoooooooooooossss!

14. Christmas in Canada. I am actually looking forward to frosty windows and snowy yards and hot coffee with Baileys and warm socks and sweaters. I am only looking forward to it in the precise context of "Christmas holidays", meaning no work and lots of eating, but I am looking forward to it. Weird, eh? It will be my first holiday season in Canada in five years!

15. Family and friends, of course. That one seemed like such a given I wasn't going to bother including it. But then I thought of SOME OF YOU (you know who you are) that might be shocked and disheartened to find you didn't make it on the list and I could not let that happen. You know I love you. And if you don't, well it's immortalized in the blog now, so it must be real.

Home. Sweet. Home. previous-assumption-little-bit-canada-day-ecard-someecards