How I Used Up My 15 Minutes of Fame


Today started off as most Sundays here in Bolivia (for me and all the other foreigners): with a mild hangover and the desire not to waste yet another entire day in bed (sorry, Saturday!). So my housemates and I decided to climb up to the Cristo and get the blood pumping. We dragged along the very strong and very poorly trained Bruno with us, too. Thank goodness we have a big strong man in the house now because even with two of us on the leash, he can still manage to pull us around. Carsten to the rescue! It took us a ridiculously long time to get up between our hangovers, being relative newbies to the elevation, and Bruno - who is terribly out of shape (poor baby) and kept insisting we stop. Although in his defense, it was pretty darn warm outside.

Once at the top, we took turns climbing up inside the Cristo. For reference, we got as high as his arms before they blocked off the remaining steps. So the views are from Jesus' chest. Or his heart, if that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

On the way down we spotted an awesome rock for photos, being used at the moment by a group of young Bolivian men having an absolute photo shoot. We waited our turns and I was up first for a photo... And I don't even quite know what happened next. Suddenly I was swarmed by a group of Bolivians all wanting to take photos with me with our arms outstretched or in the "muscle" pose. Mostly boys, yes, but a few girls joined in the fun, too! My wonderful housemate Chloe caught a few photos with my phone in between bouts of laughter and incredulous faces at one another - what the HECK was going on!?

I have never experienced anything quite like this. It took about ten minutes (maybe less? but it felt like more) before everyone was satisfied and by the end there was a group of at about 30 Bolivians standing around taking photos of me on that rock.

Keep your eyes peeled on facebook because someone is bound to find one somewhere with that many of them out in the world. I have no idea what it was that made them all want that particular photo. Super tall gringa striking a funny pose? Probably. Suffice to say, I have tasted the world of fame...and I LIKE it ;-)

No but really, I love my life and I really, really love Bolivia!