Awas, a Meskito Fishing Village in Nicaragua's Caribbean


img_4742Whilst running all around the teeny Pearl Lagoon for someone to take us to the Pearl Keys, Sebas and I had an empty afternoon to kill. Very fortunately for us, a short 30 minute walk or 5 minute (15 cordoba) moto taxi ride from the Pearl Lagoon sits the very small and sleepy Meskito village of Awas. img_4727 The Meskitos are one of the 7 Indigenous groups of Nicaragua and a majority ethnic group on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. They are often dispersed throughout the region and culturally mixed with the other dominant groups (largely the Afro-Caribbeans), though they also lay claim to some such small towns - not unlike reservations in North America, though with a different set of politics that I am not well versed enough in to speak to here. img_4723Awas does not seem all that strikingly different from the "larger" Pearl Lagoon but it did offer us a beautiful little swimming spot and later some stunning scenery on the walk back. img_4719 It was made extra awesome by the fact that the sand goes out at waist level for almost as far as you could possibly hope to walk. For someone who's not much on swimming, this was perfect! I sat my butt down in that perfect water with a rum and juice and just soaked it all in. Aaaahhhhhh. img_4731-2 Plus, I absolutely loved being greeted by the older men and women sitting on their porches. In this teeny village, boasting no more than 20 homes, nearly everyone we did pass spared us a smile and a greeting. img_4730 If you make it out as far as the Pearl Lagoon then you really have to go. At the least, because its the best swimming spot in the area. And also because, really, what else are you going to do on this sleepy island? :-) You could even pack a little picnic. We just opted for booze - but hey, sometimes that's really all you need! img_4740-4 You probablyB also need a photo of this totally typical and rad "island" home. img_4752 There is one spot near the edge of town where you can grab lunch or a cold drink, should you decide to make an afternoon of it. However make sure you get back to the Lagoon before nightfall as it's a tricky walk without any street lights (and frankly never a safe idea, even in sleepy places). img_4745   Have any of you been there? I feel like I'm in a tiny group of those who have, but maybe that's just the feeling this cute little place gives you. Let me know if you've been and what you thought!