Wild Women


I have to admit something to you: I fancy myself a bit of a wild woman. A wanderer. A gypsy. Someone who goes where the wind blows and follows her heart any which way.

I don't know when all of this started but I think it was in my teen years, right around 16. Although maybe it was much earlier than that, given I have found my escape between the pages of novels since I was old enough to hold a book.

When it comes to women I admire, I am unafraid to admit that many are found between the pages of said books, or in movies and tv.

I love portrayals of women who go against the grain or beat all the odds. I love women who are strong and fierce, but who maintain the ability to be soft and warm at times. Women who understand themselves and give only what they can give of themselves without losing who they are. I love wise, older women with some sass (ok, a lot of sass).

I watched Chocolat the other night and it always serves to make me feel better, no matter what is ailing me. Vianne is just so fierce, so unafraid, so well-travelled ;-) And she makes chocolate! I mean, I basically want to be her.

You know who else I love? I love Lorelei Gilmore, Leslie Knope, Anne of Green Gables, Lizzie Bennett, Sylvia Plath, and Jo March.B These women all have some of those same over-riding characteristics of strength, intelligence, complexity, humour, and fierceness. womanwaterdress I've been reading this book called Women Who Run With the Wolves for over a year now. It's a big book and it's easy reading - it's not as though I couldn't have it finished in a week or two - but I am savouring the heck out of it. I love this book. It's like the book version of Chocolat or Gilmore Girls.

Every time I'm feeling down about being me, about being a woman in this crazy, mixed-up world, or about being wild, I just pick up that book and read a chapter and let it soothe me and simultaneously light me on fire.

Sounds like it's too much for one (rather large) tome? Trust me when I tell you it's a game changer - nay, a life changer.

I'm constantly on the lookout for other wild women and I'm delighted to tell you that I have been fortunate to find some. I can literally sit and bask in their glow (and intelligence). I love these fierce women of my real life more than even those wonder-women listed above. It would be impossible to imagine my life without their striking honesty, fortitude, integrity, grit, and hilarity. womenbench And I encourage you wholeheartedly, each and every one of you, not to be content with only the wild women of the fictional world -  but use their influence to seek out wild women of your own.

Search out the women who create their lives and stand behind their convictions, who make mistakes and own them and who love fiercely and wholly. Because life is so much more fun with a few amazing broads beside you, and don't we all deserve a fun, wonderful, wild life?

So here's to the wild women, to those of us who will not be quieted, who speak our minds, love fiercely, speak freely, and move constantly. May we find one another along the way! :)