The Rundown - June 2016


img_6534June in Nicaragua was a maaarginally less exciting month in comparison to the couple before because I am gearing up for an incredible July; my best friend is visiting! All of which is not to say it didn't hold wondrous delights! Especially with regards to my birthday festivities, aka my favourite time of year, and some quality time with my boo.


My birthday (duh)! I spent three days getting totally spoiled by everyone at work, from Canada, and right here at home. It was awesome and totally the reason I have never ceased to love my birthday. The bfB treated me to a super fancy dinner out with copious amounts of wine and an incredible pecan dessert, the girls at work treated me to an amazing Lebanese meal, and a bunch of girlfriends got together and planned out a beautiful meal with drinks, cake, and gifts at my house. Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe it all... june in nicaragua A friend of mine here heard rumour of a treehouse hostel just outside of Granada, so we opted to head over and check it out for a night. It was a bit of a jaunt (though honestly, it probably just felt that way because I had the pug and that makes it harder) and a lot of walking up steep boulder steps, but it is a very unique place. june in nicaragua The afternoons are relaxed and people come and go, hang on the hammocks, paint, or sip a casual cocktail with their books. In the evening they get a party started, shuttling people in from Granada and setting up a DJ. There may have been strange drinking games but IB4m gonna go ahead and just say I was too drunk to remember them... :-D june in nicaragua A night of flamenco and wine with my boo. NEED I SAY MORE? june rundown nicaragua


This month I discovered...bullet journalling! And immediately became obsessed. I LOVE writing everything down in lists and pretty designs. And I've been looking for a creative outlet that still suited my temperament and (perceived) lack of time ;-) Bullet journalling is a major step in the right direction for me. ItB4s part planner, part list keeper, part journal, and everything cute and pretty. Here's a little looksie in mine. june rundown nicaragua There's a huge amount of people doing this though and I highly recommend watching this video if you want to see where it started and how truly simple and effective it can be as an organizing tool. Then watch all the other videos on how to make it super fun and pretty! [line]

Books Read

Las Mujercitas (Little Women) by Louisa May Alcott - I feel like if you need a synopsis of this book you are seriously living under a rock. But I chose it as a starter Spanish book because I read it as a young girl and have always loved the story and thought it was time for a re-read anyways. Plus, reading a story I already knew helped me skip past vocabulary I didn't know without getting hung up on it or feeling like I wasn't following. Super enjoyable! Read it any language if you haven't yet (you weirdo). june in nicaragua

Around the Interwebs

It would seem someone is attempting to make blue wine a thing. I don't know whether to be excited or outraged, but I will say that while it looks very pretty, that description is far from appealing...I don't really do "sweet and blue drink[s]", even if they are marauding as wine. Or do I!? I love Broad City, and if you're not watching feminist comedy duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson's hilarious take on life in the big city as a 20-something, you are seriously missing out. Also, where was this advice last month when I was counting to 196 times that I was catcalled in the streets?? Hip hop meets ballet (point, no less!). If there was any hope of me dancing on tip toes, I'd be all over this.B This is just so cool and beautiful. Watch the video.B B It's mesmerizing. [line]

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The easy breezy life... june in nicaragua

Blog Posts

Errr...I was snoozing this month! I had fun writing this throwback Thursday post about one of my favourite little tucked-away places in Chile. TBT: Valley of the...Sweaters!?

chile's valley of the sweaters

All Spanish Challenge

I...admittedly cheated a little bit. I mean, you saw that coming right? But I think overall I did a really good job.B Most of my friends knew about my plan and supported me by joining in or at least always chatting and texting with me in Spanish. And sure, I started out the month watching movies and TV in Spanish but started a backslide somewhere around week two and never really got back on track...I ADMIT IT. BUT. I went about most of my daily routines, daily conversations, daily talks, and even couple conversations in Spanish! I read only a Spanish novel and I listened to only Spanish music. I also did in fact manage to watch several movies in Spanish (dubbed and subtitled in Spanish) and a tv show that is shot in Spanish. june rundown nicaragua

Coming in July 2016

My bestie just arrived to Nicaragua! Expect next month's rundown to be full up of all the fun we are having. Also, I've started doing yoga and meditation every day. So perhaps my next blog post will be downright zen, you guys ;-) See you then!