7 Romantic Date Ideas in Buenos Aires (Plus 7 Spicy Extras!)


There's really no over-selling it: Buenos Aires is an amazing city filled with life and activity and yes, heaps of sexiness. Romantic date ideas in Buenos Aires abound, but here are my favourites - chosen for being classic, for being unique, or just for being downright sexy.

1. Tango & Lunch in San Telmo

Head to the main square in San Telmo for lunch and be treated to a free tango show (tips expected). Any one of the restaurants serving in the square will offer a great view. Arrive a little early and relax with a drink to ensure a great spot - you want to be seated toward the open area in the middle.

A little hint from me to you: if you dress up a little bit, there's a chance you'll get pulled into the fun!


2. El Ateneo Bookstore

Head to thisincredible theatre turned bookstoreto just hang in the little cafe and peruse the many, many books. Or go the extra mile and set up a mini scavenger hunt (usethis one to get you started) as a fun way to bond with your paramour. Change it to suit your own style and the location! I recommend throwing at least one sexy or romantic card in there (best erotic poem, anyone?).

Bonus points if you discuss your finds in Spanish while enjoying a medialuna.


3. Photo Shoot

Buenos Aires is a city to be captured on film and treasured forever. With the advent of cool sites like Flytographer and Shoot My Travel, you can hire a local photographer to capture a fun afternoon with you and your better half. I especially love this idea for anniversaries! Choose La Boca for fun and colourful photos or San Telmo for soft, vintage ones.

The best part? Your souvenir shopping is already done and it won't take up any space in your suitcase.


4. Paddle Boat in the Park

Head to Parque 3 de Febrero (or Palermo Woods, as it's also known) for a walk around the large lake, over beautiful white bridges, and through the Andalusian courtyard. Stop to smell the rose garden before heading out for a paddle boat ride.

It's a spacious park but it can get busy on weekends. Go on a weekday to avoid the crowds and you'll find plenty of tucked away spots for stolen kisses.

Bring along a blanket for an extended smooch session and pack along a book you can read out loud together.


5. Flamenco & Dinner in Palermo Hollywood

The lesser thought-of cousin to tango, perhaps, flamenco is still hugely popular in Buenos Aires. Watching incredible dancers while munching on some good eats in a great atmosphere was hands down one of my best experiences during the week I spent in Buenos Aires. Do not miss out.

I went to the Tiempo de Gitanas and have nothing but positive things to say, however there are other options to be found easily enough.

Loved it? Considertaking flamenco lessonswhile you're in Argentina. You only live once!


6. Topless Sunbathing

For something a little more risque), head to a nearby beach with your love and strip down to your skivvies, soak up some sun, and splash around uninhibited by those pesky swimsuit tops. Pack a picnic so it feels like a date - include some concealed wine in case you need the liquid courage!

Or if you're really feeling up to shedding your inhibitions,try a naked yoga classinstead.


7. Book a Telo (Love Motel)

Love motels get a bit of a bad rap in the western world, but in some cultures they are simply necessary. Imagine trying to date while living at home with your parents until you marry (and sometimes even after!) and you get the picture.

It's actually incredibly easy to find really beautiful and unique teloswith themes ranging from your favourite movies to wooded forests to outright luxury. Try one or a few! The night is yours, after all.

Surprise your lover with something exotic or fulfill a lusty bucket list item!


Frankly there's no wrong choice in a city that bustles by day with things to see and places to go, and turns sultry and steamy by night. It's the perfect storm and a heady mix - I'd say tread carefully, but where's the fun in that?

So will you try all of these romantic date ideas in Buenos Aires or pick just one? Let me know how your romantic dates turn out, I'd love to hear all about it!

Well...the PG bits at least ;-)