The Rundown - September 2016

img_7555-001I generallyB like September. All those back-to-school vibes and the memories they inspire, the end of a season spent running around and enjoying every minute, welcoming a more relaxed and maybe even creative time. It's not my favourite month, but I like September. Generally.B This one didn't convince me though. I wasn't as sold on the beginnings or the endings, frankly. It was kind of just a hard month. But that's not to say it wasn't without its ups amidst the downs.


I launched the new blog! This very one you're currently reading. It took me MANY hours of edits, photo fixes, SEO, sidebars, widgets, and even HTML (kinda), but here we are. I am very excited for the direction the blog is heading and really thrilled to be bringing more consistent, helpful, and (hopefully!) interesting content to all of you. I would love to hear what you think of the change. Anything I should be doing differently? Hit me up in the comments!

A friend and I checked out a Japanese garden near my house. It wasn't, really, a Japanese garden. But it did take inspiration from the Japanese and was dedicated to Nicaragua's relation with the Japanese, so there's that. img_7558 And I spent a lazy afternoon at the pool with a couple of girls I know, which ended up being awesome because this adorable 11 year old boy bought us all margaritas! He was so sweet and just wanted to hang and practice his English. img_7403


The bf left for his studies in Europe and as you might imagine, this wasB the biggest factor in me not being stoked on September. It's been a big adjustment after two years by each others' sides but the genuine joy and pride I feel for him help make the separation bearable. And for those wondering, he is of course rocking it over there, and learning all about social enterprise (his studies), cross-cultural communication (life and roommates), and haggis (Scotland). :) I know this picture is terrible, but alas, it's the one we have :)

Around the interwebs

A PIZZA CAMP for adults is happeningB and oh lordy, I want in on this next year. Pizza. Camp. For. Adults. AHHHH! More updates on what's happening in Nicaragua. I am a tiny bit nervous about fallouts from the elections, but I know if something happened my org would get me out. So no worries there. More like worries for my beloved second home and my family here. I haven't read a ton of fairytale reimaginings but I definitely like the idea of these ones with a dark twist. I'm gonna see how many I can get read before Halloween! Enjoy this beautiful and thought provoking comic on happiness from The Oatmeal. final1

Books Read

They say life's too short to finish a boring book, right? Didn't someone say that!? Well, I never used to feel that way. I always thought it wasn't that hard to just make it through a book if you put your mind to it. And once you'd started, heck, why not finish? But maybe it's a sign I'm growing old and life is slipping by ;-D or maybe I was just too mentally lazy...but this month I started THREE books and finished exactly NONE of them! Here are the ones I've started - have you read any of them? Are they worth finishing? Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James - OK, so I downloaded this one on to my kindle because I feel I'm the only person left in the world who hasn't read at least the first book. But HOLY CRAP it is terrible, terrible, god-awful writing. I got to 25% and I just could NOT with it. You guys I read the entire Twilight series and I am here to tell you that the writing in 50 shades is about 50 times worse. It's terrible. Have any of you managed to read (and enjoy) this series? Do I need to push through for the sake of...I don't know...pop culture? The Creation by E. O. Wilson - This book sounds really interesting. As per the cover " [Wilson] proposes a history partnership between scientists and religious leaders to preserve Earth's rapidly vanishing biodiversity" and I wanted to get into it. But it's literally written TO a pastor and I couldn't help but feel the author was talking down to all of us. I don't likeB his vibe, you dig? It's not a long read so I'd like to get through it and see if I learn something new but...we will have to see. Saving Fish From DrowningB by Amy Tan - This book is starting off a touch slow but I like where it's headed and will try to get it read and give you a proper review next month! img_7574

Blog Posts

Nothing! Except the launch of this new blog of course. Coming up this month I'll be sharing how to get work as an International Volunteer Coordinator and breaking down some useful Nicaraguan itineraries to save you time and help you budget your trip.

Most Liked Instagram

I love this photo, truth be told, and I suspect it will be one of the ones my mind conjures up when I think about Nicaragua for years to come. It's just SO Latin America. I love it. img_7303

Coming in October

I'll finally be able to reveal my next steps as my time in Nicaragua draws to a close. Mixed. Emotions. Like, seriously mixed. But it's all exciting and moving forward!