Photo Essay: Beautiful Faces of Nicaragua

IMG_2369 - Version 2

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. And who can argue with ancient cliches? Well, me, I guess :) Being argumentative is kinda one of my skills, so I might as well just work with what I've got, no? Because I'd argue that beauty is in the eyes. Full stop. I started snapping photos of the life around me in Nicaragua almost from the moment I arrived. I wanted to record the people I was meeting, the things I was seeing, and the friends I knew I'd want to remember. I wasn't giving much thought to beauty. I was just making memories and trying to record them. ButB looking back through all of these photos - none of them poised, or planned, or even "high quality" shots (some of them not even taken by me, but snapped in glee by the kids in the community) - it hit me like a ton of bricks: Nicaraguans are freaking beautiful people. Speaking in generalities, Nicaraguans don't often hide their thoughts. Their eyes shine through with their intentions, feelings, and - more often than not - joy. There's such a generosity in that, in being willing to share your soul without hiding it and without shame. It's reflected in the way they live - there's not a lot of shame in this culture, for better or worse, so people do what they feel like doing regardless of who is around to see, hear, or care. And as much as I want to show you a variety of Nicaraguan faces, I have to admit that the large majority of these just happen to be the faces of the Nicaraguans that I love :) So sue me! It makes sense that those are largely the pictures that I took, no? All of the faces I never want to forget. It also makes sense that a ton of them are kids, in no small part because those tiny humans are the ones I always bonded with so quickly. But as it also turns out, kids are kind of amazing to photograph - their vulnerability and truth just shines right through and straight into your heart. Oh Nicaragua. It's almost time for me to go and I'm ready. But oh how I will miss you so. Which beautiful face is your favourite!? And where do look to find beauty!?