The Rundown - February 2017

Hi friends! I'm not gonna lie - things are going so well that I'm starting to worry these posts will sound a little braggy ;-) which is extra fascinating since I'm not even travelling at the mome!

I went to my first NHL hockey game in years, and my first hockey game since being back in Canada. I love a good excuse to be super Canadian (red flannel, check!) and was lucky enough to go with some of my favourite peeps. And I don't know why, but even a cheap (or rather, not goodB but still over priced)B beer tastes so much better when you're drinking it in a rink. Canadian, much? A few friends decided to go roller skating and as you can see, we wentB full bore and wear perfectly loony/disco/70s inspired outfits. Because why ignore the potential for a theme when it presents!?
I spent a couple weeks out of the month trying various different exercises - aerial yoga, aerial pilates, barre, a failed attempt at barre zumba (the teacher didn't show) and, possibly most challenging of all, hula hoop! I've found some new faves in the barre classes and the aerial yoga (incredible for decompressing the back!) and I'd love to play around with hula more too. I did my best at the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest, tasting four hot chocolates throughout the month. And honestly, that's a lot for me! I'm a coffee girl, through and through. From left to right, top then bottom, you've got the Charlie Brown from Bite Inglewood, the Peppered Petals and Cocoa from Bridgeland Market, the S'mores from Sauce, and the Mayan Magic from Red Bush Tea Co. My personal fave was hands down the Peppered Petals and Cocoa - it wasn't too rich, with just enough flavour adjustment on the classic (with spices and petals) to make it really interesting and decadent but not over the top. I hope they keep it on the menu! (None of these won...)
As you may have seen, I did a photo shoot! It was a learning experience for sure, but a fun way to play with fashion and makeup - things I love but don't have much of a creative outlet for outside of this blog! More awesome snowshoeing, even if this time there was a touch less snow than would be ideal. Still, always fun to get out into the mountains with my friend Kath and Barrier Lake is a nice jaunt not too far out of the city.

Honestly there is nothing I could complain about...except maybe taxes? But I'll save that for my old age ;-)


Being single and even feeling alone, in a space where you feel generally happy, healthy, and connected, is so satisfying. This may not be news to some of you, but for me this realization has been a weird one to wrap my head around. I keep thinking I should be sad, or wistful, or lonely. But the reality is, if I pause for a minute and breathe through the occasional odd moments, I realize I don't actually feel any of those things. I've spent more than a decade in one relationship or another and have not had the sweet beauty of all of my time being my own, all of my decisions being for me without compromise, all of my energy directed on my own personal and professional growth. It's incredible not only the amount I feel I can do - and yet don't always choose to do - but also how strong and independent and just genuinely pleased with my little corner of the world I am. I am sinking into this single life and I gotta say - I don't know that I'll be tempted out of it anytime soon.

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Have you guys heard about this dating app where you make matches based on what you hate? I feel like me five years ago would have loved this concept, but me right now feels like that's a really negative place from which to start a relationship. I don't know...each to their own and all that. What do you guys think? I appreciated the approach of this article, discussing how journalists covered the rise of Mussolini and Hitler with obvious pointers to the current situation in the USA, and found it thought provoking. Rather than butcher great writing, I'll link to it here and leave you with their opening quote:

"How to cover the rise of a political leader whobs left a paper trail of anti-constitutionalism, racism and the encouragement of violence? Does the press take the position that its subject acts outside the norms of society? Or does it take the position that someone who wins a fair election is by definition bnormal,b because his leadership reflects the will of the people?"

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The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank - One of the most quietly feminist books I have read, the author weaves her story in such a way that she leaves room for you to pull at pieces if you choose, roll them around and relate them to your life, find significance in that, or to simply enjoy a lovely story of a young American girl growing up. This easy-to-read novelB follows our protagonist through her life by focusing in on those snippets where a personality becomes set, where a life shifts - imperceptibly at first, and where we define who we are and what's important. It subtly explores the protagonist's defining relationships - largely with men, though there are also compelling pieces where the relationship with her mother and best friend are also explored - and the landscape of becoming a woman under the weight of everyone's expectations for who, how, and what you'll be. It may never make it into literary fame, but it's well worth a read. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenni Lawson - Lawson started out as a blogger and became super internet famous for her oddball stories about growing up poor in rural Texas with a taxidermist father, her bouts with anxiety, and coming to terms with her own brand of oddity as she ages and becomes (became) a mother. And she's pretty funny. There are pieces throughout that will make you actually chuckle out loud and, despite a depressing (and kinda boring) few chapters in the second half, she manages to turn it around again. There's a lot of insight into the struggles of someone with severe anxiety AND physical ailments, a lot of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm (especially around her strong-through-it-all marriage), and a few heartwarming bits to remind you it's still a real life under those layers of absurdity.

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Lake Minnewanka for the win!

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The Rundown - January 2017 Be Wine Travel Jobs: Professional ("Paid") Volunteer


A girls trip to Fernie, St. Paddy's Day (forever the most fun of the holidays), and a free trip to Ottawa! Plus I'm getting crazy planning my upcoming trips in April (Cuba) and May (Scotland/London). PS. I'm kind of digging the tiled photos as a way to share more/the whole picture (so to speak), without taking up so much space and loading time. What do you guys think of it? Yay or nay?