The Rundown - March 2017

This month was busy and a bit up and down, but I really feel like I played tourist in my hometown and got out a lot to check out things I haven't seen in a while, as well as just wandering and appreciating the city while taking photos.


If you get paid biweekly, then you can appreciate with me that March pB wasB pB aB pB threeB pB paychequeB pB monthB pB and that's something that deserved a helluva lot of celebrating. So I did just that - by loading myself up on awesome shit. Namely? These beauties: I also checked out the Glenbow Museum (for free!) and kinda loved it. Museums are hit and miss for me, and I've been to the Glenbow before, but I loved some of the newer additions and the exhibit photographing Canadian First Nations was beautiful.

Plus the whole third floor showcasing the history of Calgary is a really cool and interactive floor. The only thing I didn't appreciate is that their section on residential schools was small and hidden away in an unmarked passage - it may not be a pretty piece of our history, but it's important.

They do first Thursdays of the month free - I strongly recommend checking it out!

The fam and I kind of got into trivia this month. We rocked way harder at 90's music and pop culture than we did at movies... I went up to Fernie for a night with the plan to party, then hot spring and brunch. Well, suffice to say the partying was the only thing we accomplished. But damned if it wasn't an epic night of female friendship (and one very patient guy).

(You know it's a good night when you end up doing snow angels in a snow bank alongside your faves, amiright?)

Paddy's Day. Drinks, laughs, new friends, old friends, fun times. P&P The Rundown March 2017 I climbed the 802 steps of the Calgary Tower! And was rewarded not only by an awesome workout (cheaper than a typical drop-in class at only $8 every Tuesday in March!) but these amazing views as well. And then after that my friend and I wandered downtown carparks and found more cool shots. While drinking wine from plastic cups. All very rebellious, for a couple of old folks. I did the 12 day wild rose cleanse! I managed to drop ten pounds and reset my eating habits. I feel so good, and really proud of myself for sticking to it with only two cheats (both at the end!). You can read about the whole experience here if you're curious.


My working out religiously sort of fell off the rails a bit, mostly around the cleanse and daylight savings time, but I'm getting it back on track and really trying to listen to my body. So not all is lost.

I definitely felt a bit more up and down emotionally but I really took on a lot with the cleanse, the photography challenge, and work was super busy too. Plus, it's the time of year when I think we all start to feel a little desperate for spring. Cuba and loads of Vitamin D should perk me up!


I finally learned how to do my taxes! Online, granted, and with some serious coaching from my Dad - but hey, next year should be a breeze.

My feminism has really been evolving - I'm learning a lot more about intersectionality and the very whiteness of my feminism up until recently (despite being open and interested, I wasn't actively engaging). My own feminism is growing and feeling stronger but in a resilient, self-assured way; I'm not engaging with people around it as often or as negatively. I feel strong and good about my viewpoints and my own growth in the area. Plus being around my own strong women whom I love and cherish always buoys me.

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11 Little Ways to Make Your Feminism More Intersectional Expert Tips for Pooping on a Plane (and other flying hacks) From Neil Patrick Harris

Books read

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay - Guys, I want to crawl inside this book and just curl up there and rest my weary head and heart for a while. I want everyone I know to read it so they can understand the heartbreak and wonderfulness, the dual-sided horrible pleasure, that it is to be a woman. I would love all the men in the world to consider reading it so that they could then go "ooohhhhh" collectively and finally just fucking get it.

So ya, I liked this book. Read it.

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My self portrait and day one of the photography challenge.

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I'm in Cuba at the very moment this post goes live! Check Instagram for regular updates (or as regularly as I can find wifi) and I'll be sure to post something on Cuba when I'm back. I've posted on Cuba before - is there anything else you want to know about? Hit me up in the comments!

Also super exciting? As soon as I get back from Cuba, we hit a four day weekend and my bestie will be coming to visit! Besties reunited in Calgary!? There will be shenanigans - and a helluva lot of good food and wine and hip hop dancing. Cuz you can't hold us down, age be damned!