The Rundown - May 2017


I travelled to Scotland and London, spending 10 days in the former and 3 in the latter. It was a magical trip! I loved every second of it. I'll be posting more in individual posts, but here are a few of the highlights:

Riding the Jacobite Steam train (or the Harry Potter train, to some of you)

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Spending the night in a castle

We sipped wine in a castle library, you guys. I had a bubble bath in a ginormous tub with gold-plated faucets. We dined in the (sadly) mediocre restaurant. And I slept in a four poster canopy bed fit for a queen!

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Road tripping the Highlands

Honestly, I wanted to pull over every three seconds to take a photo. So stunning. So interesting. I have never seen anything else like it and I want to live there for a while - the true sign that I am enamoured of any new place.

(You better believe there's a post on the drive, too!)

Spending time with old friends (and new!)

There was a lot of love on this trip, from spending most of it with my fave Nicaraguan, to meeting up with my closest Chilean friends after many years, to hanging with one of my very first friends made abroad 15 years ago in Australia! I am such a lucky girl to have friendships that span space and time <3

Plus I met new people - some that are important to the people I love, and some that were strangers on bus and train and I can now count among the friends I may one day get to see again, some that I'll never encounter but for the picture and the memory I'll keep with me.

Edinburgh - that city is magic, I tell ya!

Visiting the stunning Isle of Skye

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Tripping around London


The only downside to my excellent month was that the roads in the Highlands, being much narrower and poorer than Google Maps realized, was that I didn't get to go all the way North as planned and missed out on a few of the sights I had hoped to catch or felt a bit rushed in others.

All told though, that's a pretty minor 'low'!


Here's a weird one for you. It recently occurred to me that I still had my belly button ring in (from the ripe ol' age of 15, you guys) and it had been bothering me due to the fact that high-waisted pants are in now (and I'm old and prefer my butt crack to stay safely hidden).

And this had been going on for weeks, nay months and it had literally never occurred to me that I could just remove the thing! I haven't thought about it or changed the ring out in years but it's still odd that it did not occur to me to just remove it.

Until a few days ago.

Which, to sum, is the altogether riveting story of how I became officially old, and also how weird it was that something was such a part of my body that I assumed it had to be permanent, even though it wasn't.

We are crazy adaptable, man.

around the interwebs

I've been uhhhh avoiding the internet a little more than normal, lately. It's a scary hellscape out there, as you guys well know.B But I did manage to find a few interesting tidbits! Wonder Woman is a box office giantmakes me happy because it's the largest female-directed debut ever. And it's a superhero, kick-ass woman, not a simpering little girl who loves men who control and domineer (here's looking at you, previous holders of the title, Fifty Shades and Twilight). Girl power!

P&P The Rundown May 2017

The Role of Yoga in Healing Trauma

books read

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir by Carrie Brownstein - Before picking up this book, I only knew the author as the hilarious woman in Portlandia. I had no idea she was actually in a reasonably famous punk band throughout the 90's. I also assumed this book was the feminist musings of a female comedian and actress (not unlike a Poehler, Fey, or Kaling memoir) but it wasn't at all, actually.

Most of the memoir centred around her time as bassist and sometime vocalist of the band Sleater-Kinney. She takes us through her odd childhood and into the world of touring when you're not quite big or famous enough for it to be easy. She also dives into some of the beauty and complication she experienced around realising she was gay and eventually being outed publicly without her consent.

She's incredibly well-written, slightly dry in delivery, never boring. I found myself interested in learning about music and all that it entails for the first time ever. She moves each piece of her own story along in a way that keeps you invested and also knows where to leave things and let you piece them together yourself. Not everything is perfectly spelled out for you.

I highly recommend it - for fans of 90s punk/riot grrl music, fans of women, fans of comedians, and fans of the dysfunctional family memoir or coming-of-age story. This one has it all.

most liked Instagram

There was a tie this month! A first. And they were quite different photos.

Postcards & Polkadots Close-Up (Photo Challenge)

First, one of my photo challenges, day 26 - close up. And the other, a fun shot from my Scottish adventures...searching for Nessie!

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The Rundown - April 2017Riding the Scenic Jacobite Train (yes, it's the Harry Potter train!)And I continued with (and very nearly completed) the world's longest 30 day challenge ;-)The 30 Day Photography Challenge

coming up

It's the month of my birth and ergo my favourite month of the year! Spring is sprung, the solstice arrives with its plentiful sunlight, and my dad will be visiting me! That part's the most exciting part of all :)