Living the Fairytale - A Night in Melville Castle


When one thinks of Scotland, one is likely to think of a few things: lush greenery, kilts and bagpipes (and the brawny men donning them), rolling hills and landscapes of heather, whiskey, lots of rain and clouds...and castles. Lots of castles! With that thought in mind, I knew I had to experience each and every one of those things to some degree if I was going to claim I had really experienced Scotland. Right?!

I searched around for a few weeks, checking various castles and trying to work them into my itinerary, before landing on Melville Castle, not far from Edinburgh. For starters, it was one of the only castles with availability in my price range left when I went to book. For seconds, it's exactly what you expect a small castle in Scotland to look like, which sounded good to me!


Our stay didn't start out super awesome since it took about ten minutes waiting at the front before anyone even realized we were there. Service not exactly up to par...for a castle...

And we weren't led to our room (like my imagination had decided we would be), but rather unceremoniously handed a key like in any regular hotel. Harrumph.

However, when we got to the room - the Castle Suite, no less - I immediately began to feel better.


The suite had two large rooms and a private back entrance out to the fountain. There were cute wingback chairs and a four poster bed with a canopy and ornate wood carvings.


Plus a pretty vanity with vintage chair that made me feel oh-so-elegant while I got ready for dinner :)


And a giant bathtub with gold plated faucets, perfect for a bubble bath and silly photo shoot!


Things were looking up! After settling in we ventured out to the restaurant and had your basic Scottish fare. No fancy castle food here hahaha, but the fish and chips were pretty darn tasty.

After dinner came the castle highlight for me. We drank our wine in a CASTLE LIBRARY.


All of my little girl (and big girl, dammit) dreams came true in that moment! A library! In a castle! With old books! Sipping wine! In a wingback chair! Or you know, a chair! 

We sipped, we took photos, we giggled at the absurdity of two poor kids from totally different worlds drinking wine in a castle library in Scotland. We reminisced about the good ol' days in Nicaragua, and then we giggled again at the absurdity of it all.


And that was really it! The next day we had to head back to Glasgow so I could hop my flight into London.

Though the experience wasn't long, it was fun, and I'm grateful I had a friend who put up with my nonstop photo taking shenanigans.

Would I recommend staying in a castle in Scotland?? Uhhh, YA I WOULD!

Have you stayed in a castle before? Tell me all about it!