The Rundown - June 2017

June has long been noted as my favourite month of the year. And this one did not disappoint! Though I will say it was a rather exhausting month on the heels of holidays in Apriland May, having a visitor most of the month, and being super busy at work. But more on that below!


My dad was here most of the month, including for my birthday and Father's Day! We are totally terrible at taking photos together, but we did lots of hanging out in the evenings and spent some time by the river as well. And he brought my books with him. Boxes and boxes of beautiful books - all back where they belong!

I celebrated my birthday in what was possibly one of the most low-key ways I ever have - just a few family members came down to the pub and we ate nachos and had wine. Must have been that British spirit rubbing off on me... ;-)

Camping at Sibbald Flats! My first time camping in many years, and oh how I missed it. I was relieved to discover, however, that I' still BOMB at making a fire. Some skills you just never lose ;-)

Splash park fun with my fave kid!

A number of nights by the fire, eating that Canadian staple of summer - s'mores! I do love being home, I have to say. You stay away long enough and you miss things you don't even realize are a part of you...


It was just a busy month, but nothing particularly negative. Lots of catch up at work after my holiday because it's a busy season for events, and it was a bit tough not having my apartment to myself, but those were both small and welcome for the benefits - holidays and time with Dad!


Any personality test I take, ever, and the fact that I am a Gemini (twins) all say the same: I walk the line of introvert and extrovert. I am always almost exactly half and half. And I do love to go out and live large and be loud and laugh and flirt and dance and chase adventure.

But man oh man, this last month I realized how truly precious my alone time has become to me and that in order to be a functioning human, I need at least 2-3 evenings a week without human interaction. I actually have come to wonder if not knowing that about myself was what led to so many hard days/months/years in my 20s. So cheers to getting older, I say.

Can you relate? Has your personality shifted or become more obvious to you as you get older?


I thought this article was a really important look at the relationshipbetween Canada and Canada's First Nations - because there is still a serious lack of cohesion and understanding, which was never more obvious than in the lead up to the Canada 150 celebrations.

Books Read

Erm...half of a really fantastical book by a Nigerian author that my Nicaraguan friend gifted me in Scotland <3 I'll have to review it for you next month, though! Because it's big and I think I mentioned I've been very busy... :)

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A shot from an unexpected find - Inverlochy Castle - near Fort William in Scotland.

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This post came out so late because though June was a pretty ok month, July sort of hit like a brick. As I write this, though, things are looking up and I'm getting to spend some time in the mountains which is super healing and inspiring. I'm looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring.