The Rundown - September 2017

My oh my how the time flies. I can't even catch my breath. And my blog, that I love so dearly, is suffering. I just keep convincing myself that writing when I can, when I find a moment, is better than not writing at all. And so we carry on...


The first weekend in September is Labour Day weekend in Canada and with it, a long weekend! The new babe and I hopped in the car and set out for some meandering, photo-taking, music-enjoying, relaxed time out of the city.

In fact, I managed to write an entire blog post on our mini escape and adventure! So you can skip right on over and read about it there :)

I love taking advantage of the Glenbow Museum's free first Thursdays of the month (by donation) and made a special point to go this month to see the Kent Monkman exhibit. The exhibit focused on Residential Schools, the Indian Act, andthe 60's Scoop, and it was, in a word, harrowing. And absolutely essential.

I highly recommend you check out his work and educate yourself if some of these things are unfamiliar to you. My takeaway? We should all be doing more in the name of reconciliation with the First Nations of Canada because not only is it the right and just thing to do, but frankly I'm surprised that as an entire group they're even willing to work with us (the children of the colonizers who raped, pillaged, stole, and demeaned) at all. Let's not forget how much forgiveness we're asking (demanding) of them, mmmkay? And do our best to listen and forge new relationships built on trust and respect. A friend and I went to see La La Land performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, while the movie played on a giant screen behind them. Like the biggest, best movie theatre ever! It was great.

The fun just kept rolling in with a weekend out to Victoria to see my bestie, my Galen, and my brother! It was very relaxed, lots of wine was drunk, plenty of puppy snuggles were had, and I got to see my bestie's new house plus my brother's new condo. I love that city and I love my people there and every time I go I plot my (semi-permanent) return anew...

Beakerhead happens every year in Calgary and is basically a celebration of the intersection between technology and creativity. Which is actually quite beautiful in theory. And in reality! Though the interpretations can seriously vary and be tough to grasp at times.

As lifted directly from their website: "For decades, people have been directed into either technical or creative streams, yet it is precisely at their intersection where ingenuity lives."

Nice right? Even more fun, a few of my friends organized a Cyclepalooza Beakerhead ride so we meandered from exhibition to exhibition on our bicycles! I finally made it down to Lethbridge to see my Gram! She is so cute and always makes me smile - I haven't known many people as doggedly determined to be healthy and happy as she is. At 84 she is more upbeat and active than many of us!


The end of summer, the craziness of summer, and probably many other intertwined and hard to recognize things led to a bit of a slip in my mental health this month. I used it as an opportunity to start evaluating next steps (fall is great for that, anyways!) and opted to take the month of October without booze. Updates on that in next month's Rundown!

Something that sort of shook out of the self evaluation, and that I'm not totally sure how to rectify, is that my time management might not be awesome. Granted, I do a lot - I work a lot (3 jobs, guys), I try to work out regularly, I have people, I have a pug, I have many things that interest me (blog! books! language! learning! yoga!) but I also find I'm tired a lot and not getting enough time to actually do those things I love or spend time with those people I love. Something might have to might just be an exercise in prioritizing and laying out goals in a systematic way.


Further to my big plan to improve time management and my general love for mapping out goals and plans, I discovered the app Trelloand I love it! It's not so very different from Evernote or any similar app, really, but the layout super appeals to my visual preferences and how much I enjoy an orderly To Do list. Plus it makes it easy to collaborate with anyone on any list. I got my bestie into it too - life changing, I swear.

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This is an old post, but I think it's a great reminder for anyone who struggles - especially rolling into fall when mental health can be known to take a hit! These Are the Best Exercises for Anxiety and Depression

Books Read

Wenjackby Joseph Boyden - My bestie gave me this book when she visited back in April because she thought it was an excellent (and very short read) and knows I am trying to learn a lot more about the First Nations of Canada and the impact things like residential schools had on our current, very divisive, version of a Canadian society. This book was excellent for getting to the heart of the impact of the residential schools in a way that still feels like *just* a story (despite its' basis in historical fact) - it makes you think and pulls at your heart strings but doesn't absolutely conk you over the head with white guilt, if that makes sense. What I really appreciated about the story is that Boyden writes in his own Ojibway culture's manner of storytelling, so as much as you're learning about historical facts you're also learning about culture and cultural significance through the use of storytelling. It's beautifully done. I can't wait to read more of his books.

The Prophetby Khalil Gibran - I read this book on a recommendation and though I enjoyed it, I felt it was not unique in terms of message delivered. Let me explain: it's a book of 26 prose poetry essays (thanks, Amazon) about the human condition and life, whose topics include love, marriage, justice, friendship, beauty, and so on.

They are beautifully written and enjoyable reminders, to be sure. But unless you are quite young and/or have never read or received other moral docrtrination, it's unlikely to surprise or overwhelmingly fulfill you. That, or I may just be dead inside ;-)

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No surprise, it was the picture my amazing professional photographer boyfriend took on our road trip!

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