The Rundown - October 2017

So October is a pretty crazy month, and I made things a little weirder by opting into a Sober October challenge for the month. Not totally sure what I was thinking but you ended up being quite great!


Thanksgiving festivities abounded and though not drinking was a bit tough, the guy and I found some fun anyways!

I managed to consume more pumpkin pie in one week than I've ever previously consumed - a personal victory!

I took my babe's bestie to the Flames game while his fiancee and my guy photographed a wedding together. The best kind of partner swap - and the only kind I'm into, guys, don't make it weird!

Girls night out meant Indian food and a reading of Rupi Kaur's new poetry, by Rupi herself. A beautiful, feminist, moving evening that left me feeling all filled up. I FINALLY got braces!! Well, Invisaligns, which are even better! I've wanted straight teeth since I was a teenager and promised myself if I gave up the wayward life (at least for a while), I would give in and finally get them. So glad I did! The experience itself isn't great, but it'll alllll be worth it soon (or you know - in about 1-2 years). Don't judge those crazy eyes, it was a weird day!

My babe and I had a super fun date night in which we went to theB quite risque ballet of Dangerous Liaisons (so pretty, one of my fave ballets to date) and then out to a super-secret, super-cute speakeasy by the name of Betty Lou's Library. We dressed up and broke our Sober October pact to have one pricey but special cocktail each. Worth it!

Another month, another hike with my awesome friend Kath who always picks me up and drops me off and does all of the work and asks nothing more than I don't bail on her. I love her for that (and her general awesomeness, also). All sorts of Halloween fun was had, including an adult friends party, a kid friendly pumpkin carving.

I also went to a super scary and fun haunted house - Hollywood Horror - with lots of famous horror films represented. It was crazy and just a regular family that apparently does it every year. They donate all proceeds to a charity and just enjoy doing it. Insane!

Aaaannnd what turned into possibly my favourite night of the whole month, on Halloween itself my boo and I went to our first viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the little local theatre, the Plaza. And it was amazing! The movie is incredibly weird and just so, so fun. People dressed up and danced and did the whole throwing things at the screen thing. I mean, you know about it, I am sure. As I was standing in line waiting to buy popcorn, I got to talking to another movie-goer who insisted that we needed a prop bag to really enjoy the movie (we figured we'd just watch the first time and join in the next time). Because I hadn't brought cash, and the bags were cash only, he handed me a $10 bill with a big smile and said "trust me - you'll both have so much fun if you can join in". Isn't that just the sweetest? And he was right! We had an amazing time with the props and ended up with a wicked memento of our first Rocky Horror Picture Show <3



Sober OctoberB left me feeling very drug out and exhausted for the first three weeks - almost like withdrawals? Another weird thing, that I get into more in the post on Sober Octoberwas that I started questioning a lot of my relationships and frankly my own boring-ness (is that a thing?). I won't reiterate too much here but it was an emotional roller coaster and I am glad I'm on a more level footing now.


I think it's time I start looking at developing new skills and new hobbies. I've been out of school for quite some time now and for a few years I was so focused on surviving (culturally adrift) and learning Spanish so that kept my brain busy. But now I think it's time for a new challenge...I just have to figure out what...

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Nonprofit AF is a fun, lighthearted blog that takes on real issues faced by the nonprofit sector. A friend introduced me and I think anyone who works in, or has worked in the sector would probably get a chuckle out of it! Plus there are useful sector updates, too.

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The Sun and Her Flowersby Rupi Kaur - I read this entire book of poetry the first weekend I had it and I loved it all. She breaks it into chapters, and I will admit that one chapter especially felt quite 'young' and was less empowering to me personally. I connected most with the second half of the book where she gets into the world-wide female experience.

i am trying to not make you pay for their mistakes i am trying to teach myself you are not responsible for the wound how can i punish you for what you have not done you wear my emotions like a decorated army vest you are not cold or savage or hungry you are medicinal you are not them

I think regardless of your age, it's fantastic poetry for connecting with as a woman, for improving your understanding of anothers' experiences, and it was one of those pieces that made me feel less lonely in the way that I think we women often can. I especially appreciated the gorgeous poetry that looked at women as immigrants, refugees, and survivors of war and felt there was something to be learned.

... so how dare you mock your mother when she opens her mouth and broken english spills out don't be ashamed of the fact that she split through two countries to be here so you wouldn't have to cross a shoreline her accent is thick like honey hold it with your life it's the only thing she has left of home don't you stomp on that richness instead hang it up on the walls of museums next to dali and van gogh her life is brilliant and tragic kiss the side of her tender cheek she already knows what it feels like to have an entire nation laugh when she speaks she is more than punctuation and language we might be able to paint pictures and write stories but she made an entire world for herself how is that for art

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Scenes from A Southern Alberta Road Trip

I appreciate so much that you appreciated so much how much this house made all my dreams come true for a brief moment <3

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I'm hoping November will be a quieter month, with a few fun surprises. I'm hibernating a little in the lead up to Christmas and planning for my New York trip..!