The Rundown - November 2017

November! After the chaos (both natural and self-imposed) of October, November was a welcome reprieve before the onslaught of Christmas. I took full advantage and did some fun stuff but definitely made room for some downtime, too.


My boo and I celebrated three months and he surprised me with candles, wine, and pizza at an actual table (we live tiny apartment lives and tables are a luxury, guys!). It was amazing and I am a lucky, lucky girl <3 The boy's parents invited us out to a really cool experience - The Dark Table - which is a restaurant that is pitch black, in which all servers are blind or partially blind, and the customers are left to experience the world (and the senses through food!) in their shoes, so to speak.

It was a really unique and totally overwhelming experience, if I'm being honest. At first it was really fun but as the evening wore on, it became increasingly busy and the noise felt overwhelming because, I presume, of the heightening of the other senses in the absence of sight. We all found ourselves in varied panic responses at some point throughout the meal and were glad when the two hours was up and we were on our way.

Which makes it sound like it was bad but it wasn't. It was uncomfortable. And for that reason alone, I think you should go. Also, the food was really good!

Here is a picture from that evening... :) Legit though, you couldn't see a thing except one softly illuminated exit sign.

I spent the day in Banff, and got to ogle some very cool art - the most exciting of which was my babe's photos hanging in a real gallery! A gallery! The Pinhole Darkroom is a photography collective and their gallery is quite cute - check it out next time you're in town. We spent the day tooling around Banff, checked out some art at the Banff Center, got to watch a free performance by a youth orchestra (really good), and flipped through some free-for-the-taking books at the library, too.

My friends - musicphiles (that's a thing - look it up!) all of them - wanted to celebrate the life of Gord Downie, front man of the Tragically Hip who passed away last month. And I, not a musicphile or particular fan of the Hip, wanted to attend a party with friends. So we did. And it was enjoyable ;-)

My aunt convinced me to go to a burlesque dance class with her and...well I didn't feel super sexy to begin with but it was admittedly quite fun by the end! The owner/teacher at Free Spirit Dance does a good job of making the environment feel safe and supportive. Worth a try - I'd do it again! I finished my online Adobe Illustrator course! Man that was HARD - I am no artist, fer realz you guys. But it was really rewarding learning something so far out of my comfort zone and something I think I can use in various ways in the coming years.

I had my annual review at work aaaannnnddd they're keeping me! ;-) I wasn't super worried but you know, nice to know for sure that you get to keep your job haha. Also exciting is I have more direction for the coming year and a better sense of purpose, which I love. Side note: how has it been a year already!? A friend I hadn't seen yet since moving back to Canada and I finally found time to connect! And we did so at a very low-key, cool festival called Femme Wave. I adorned myself in unicorn attire and colours, and we drank and danced and soaked in the strong, positive vibes.


My Gram moved out of the city and though I'll still see her a couple of times a year, it's a bummer having just gotten used to seeing her every week or two over the last year. Owing to some money stress (vet bills can be a killer, guys), holiday changes, and various other things, I opted to cancel my New York trip for now and try to re-book for next year. It's a bummer, but it was the best choice and I don't regret it.


Nesting can be kinda fun! I'm reallocating some of my New York savings to make my little apartment more "mine" and it's super rewarding! I've been buying plants, making space for a little home office/dining area, and invested in a good vacuum. Adulting, as they say! Stay tuned for blog posts aplenty in the new year about the little transformation this bachelorette pad has taken.

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