The Rundown - December 2017

Christmas cheer, plenty of beer, and a time for over-blown expectations of one another. Happy merry holiday time!


My babe and I had an epic day of random Christmas joy. We thrift shopped, scored hilarious Christmas albums, and ended the day by watching the CP Holiday Train - a first for me!

He even indulged me by taking many photos...and...I...cannot model, you guys. He takes great photos, but I don't know what to do with my face, or hands, apparently? Help!

Photos by Andy Nichols, of course!

I spent weeks planning a fun holiday cheer party for my girls - I had loads of food, small gifts for everyone, decorated the house, wore a dress...the whole nine yards! In the end, only two people came and I was so disappointed initially.

But you know what? It turned into a lovely catch-up and easy afternoon with two of my faves, so it was perfect anyways. Sometimes, I guess, there's no point in hanging onto a plan for dear life - it'll be what it be (as my dad likes to say)! :) I joined a marketing committee for the organization I worked with while in Nicaragua and in a different capacity over the last year! I'm stoked to be able to give back and contribute to their work in some small way.

Christmas parties abounded. Mostly they were a fun excuse to get a little dolled up and eat too much food. You know, Christmas stuff!

I was fortunate this year - I had food in my belly without once having to worry about it, I had plenty of wine and money for new clothes, I had the chance to travel abroad and explore my backyard, and much more. So much more.

So I was really feeling that now that I have everything I need, I can and should find new ways to give. I tried looping my colleagues and community into the plan, and with the help of this adorable Kindness Calendar, it worked! Christmas Feels: When you have enough, give what you can. Since I refuse to support the zoo and therefore the zoo lights, I did the next best thing and checked out Confederation Park - for free! As an added bonus, my guy tried to teach me a few things about night photography and fun photography and it was awesome.

Guys. The Fairmont in Calgary here did a LIFE-SIZED gingerbread house. Is that not insane!? The "drywall" was icing and the "bricks" were actual gingerbread men - not even slabs! Crazy talk. Adorable crazy talk.


It was my first Christmas apart from my Dad in a really long time and even though I was surrounded by loving family and friends, I did feel a bit lonely - or maybe adrift is a better word - at times. That's just how life goes, though, isn't? Nothing is forever, not even tradition :)


Life is so weird. I just could not stop pondering how I ended up here, what paths led to now, what decisions have informed my life and where I want my next choices to lead me. It was such an introspective month; that's probably common this time of year, right? I think it stood out to me because I had a staycation for the first time maybe ever and spent time alone. It was really good though, in its' way, and got me some clarity around what I need to be doing and focusing on for the coming year if I am to achieve my goals!

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The Rundown - November 2017

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With the changes in my time, and also a look at what I want from myself in terms of creativity and expression, I'm hoping to find more time for the blog, pursuing photography as a hobby, and dance.

In that vein, if there's anything you'd like to see more of in the blog (or something new/different), or anything you think I should add to the Rundowns, please let me know. I really value those of you who keep up with me this way and read along!