The Rundown - February 2018

February was to me what January was to most people. In a word: long. It shouldn't have been given it's a short month, but it felt long. Winter felt long. I felt stressed. I had loads of fun and yet it still seemed long. Winter is a cruel mistress.


A fun Flames game is always a highlight! This time we even got amazing seats, which helped the desperate loss feel a bit better ;-)

My boo and I celebrated 6 months together in the week before Valentine's Day, so we combined the two occasions and splurged on a night in Canmore.

We had a decent meal out, stayed at a hotel, and the next day meandered up to Lake Louise to check out the ice castle! All sorts of cuteness abounded. We even did a cute photo shoot! That post goes live soon, so stay tuned for more faux fur fun :)


It was the annual Exposure Art Festival in Calgary, so we used the opportunity to check out a few different art galleries - all withB very different vibes. I appreciate art, I love photography, but I cannot abide pretension and sometimes it bothers me that a world which barely pays artists (with rare exception) still expects them and those in their circle to arrive turned out and with noses held high. I will not partake of that silliness. But I did like the photos and the fun with friends!

Work was in some ways a lot of fun this month, too. I helped host a gardening workshop and learned about growing our own food from scraps and seeds, we had a pyjama day for a fundraiser and I spent the entire day in my onesie, and a community partner brought me a bottle of rose and some chocolate with a very sweet thank you for helping her out here and there. Winning!


Winter is killing me slowly. I am dying. Send help. Or sunshine and warmth.


Proper winter boots are heaven (how did I even survive before now without them?!), winter is way too long, I miss beaches, everything is gray, sunshine please, at least the (winter) pictures are pretty.

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I fight the urge to buy more clothes constantly, and though I rarely succeed, I feel mildly better when it's thrifted and a lot better when it's not "fast fashion". It's still hard though and it matters that we always look at our choices, don't you think? It's easy to feel it's fine as long as we're donating and never throwing things away, but the reality is that donated goods do far less good in the world than the simple - and very hard - task of consuming less.

Donating clothes cleans your closet, but not your conscience.

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UMMMMMMM. I started two and made it through neither. Story of my life! When will the madness end!?

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A photo my guy took in which I am wearing a very cute vintage jacket ;-) standing on a frozen lake, in front of some beautiful mountains (Lake Louise, for the uninitiated).

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Cuba...thank the lord! I can't bear this dreary, snowy, cold a minute longer!

Feature photo on this post taken by Andy Nichols