Muppet Glam: Wearing Green Faux Fur With Abandon


I'm not really a fearless dresser. I have moments of bold and occasions where I throw caution to the wind, but overall my style is pretty safe. Fairly simple. Often reminisce of an old man ;-)So I've decided to try to dress a little more fearlessly this year and I'm basing this decision largely on the goddess known as Iris Apfel. She's a boss babe who does and wears exactly what makes her happy - style rules be damned - and so of course she looks amazeballs at all times.

Oh and did I mention that she's 95 years old? Seriously,you want to be following her on Instagram and reminding yourself daily that even if you get to live a really long time, life is still too short to be boring.

There's no how-to road map to style. It's about self expression and, above all, attitude. - Iris Apfel

Enter my fuzzy muppet jacket (because what else would you call green faux fur, I ask you?), and let the fun begin!

All photos by the handsome and talented Andy Nichols!

Side note: Mustard goes with everything and should be your new go-to colour. I intend to make it mine!

Side note's side note: This may not be the case if you're blonde and pasty white - dark and pasty works (see me), dark and dark works, blonde and dark or tan I think works...blonde and pasty, you guys are S.O.L. I am so sorry to say.