High Tea in Kensington


This weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy my first ever High Tea, something which may not have been on my bucket list exactly, except inadvertently, owing to the fact that nearlyeverything is on my bucket list. However if you've met me, you would know that while I am HERE for a new experience, posh and pomp are not usually my go-tos. But I like to think I can make an exception and get into that from time to time!

Ergo, when the boyfriend mentioned taking his mom for Mother’s Day High Tea, I was IN. Not least because she is a pretty great mom and it made sense to do something she would enjoy. But not most (pretty sure that's not a saying) because I was into it for realsies (I know, I lowkey hate myself for writing that but you know what guys? I'm gonna OWN it).

Any excuse to do my makeup and wear a dress and be a touch more glamorous than usual!


We made resos at the Brasserie in Kensington and it wasn't until we arrived that we realized they do High Tea every weekend. Unawares, we had assumed that Mother's Day was the perfect excuse to check them out for the first time, if not a realistic “test” of their normal fare. But we were apparently quite wrong and this, in fact, makes the event something you could replicate any weekend you want, friends. Hurrah!


And I am here to report that the tea fare did not disappoint. We sat down to a lovely menu with the choice of four teas (we were free to switch it up throughout the afternoon) and a description of the tasty treats to come. They had asked about any dietary preferences or intolerances ahead of time and confirmed those once we sat down which was very on the ball, and I appreciate that.


Once we had sat and enjoyed just the tea for about 30 minutes, the server inquired if we were ready for our food and promptly brought it over. And lo and behold, they had done up a whole little vegetarian plate for me with EXACTLY the same amount of items that everyone else got with the “regular tea” 😍

This never happens!! Usually the vegetarian is left to A) pick out what she can, including pick off meat or B) do with much less because…*shrug* I guess?


But not at the Brasserie! I was wholly impressed and really grateful. There are few things worse than paying for an experience or meal with meat factored in to the price, and then getting the short end of the stick. Well done, guys 👏


As you can see, the details were on par, the food was gorgeous, and the service was also solid. The meat eaters were served tuna sashimi with a citrus glaze, duck sandwiches, salmon rolls, and deviled eggs. I was served a cucumber sandwich, different veg sandwich, a deviled egg, and crackers with a fancy vegetable tartare.


The desserts were insane, with cinnamon scones and clotted cream, tiny, decadent brownies, meringue tarts, coconut macaroons, passionfruit jelly, and more. As drool-worthy as the photos make them seem! Note my delirious expression above - those scones were soooooo good.

To sum, I felt like a princess, but not out of place, and that is like everything a girl could ask for, isn't it!?


All in all, High Tea was great and I would definitely do it again! It’s a fun way to have a treat and an excuse to get just a touch dolled up on a Sunday (or Saturday) afternoon.

And yes, I would recommend checking out the Brasserie next time you’re in Kensington – even in summer, as they have a killer street-side patio and their main restaurant has HUGE open windows so it totally feels like you’re outside (just with a better view). Next time I'll have to go on a weekday or evening and check out the "regular" menu. SIGH. A blogger’s job is never done, you guys! ;-)


Thanks for the excuse to try it out, Mama N! That’s a tradition I can definitely get behind.

Hope everyone had a similarly relaxed and fun Mother’s Day! What did you guys get up to? Anything special!?

PS. Andy Nichols Photography