Sparkling Rosé is a THING and It's Delicious


I cannot tell if I am way behind or if this is a new thing, but you guys, sparkling rosé is a thing that exists and it is sooooo yummy. Granted, I've But I love that one. This is that one. You do not have to buy *this* one. I am not being paid to post about this Oyster Bay sparkling rosé in particular. I am simply advising that this $25 bottle of sparkling rosé is the perfect thing to get you through a spring weekend such as this.


Flavour Notes? Well, umm...I wanna say fruity but not too fruity, a little on the dry side, maybe a hint of strawberry and a touch of, I wanna say, chamomile? I am clearly a sommelier. These guys here do a nice job of covering the flavours, though. Thanks, guys!

Just trust me on this one. If you try it - or any sparkling rose - let me know in the comments! I am HERE for more options 💋