The Newsette Has Your Femme News in Bite-Sized Daily Bits


I recently encountered The Newsette and for the life of me cannot remember through whom or where. BUT I love them. They have a daily landing page; it’s digestible and easy to get through (say it with me - we are the millennial nation!), pretty, fun, cute, and it’s often relevant, always fun, and usually interesting. It’s the online magazine for those of us who cannot sit all the way through Lenny’s lengthy emails, will not buy another Cosmo for the rest of her life, and refuses to feel bad about herself but eats up other blogs and likes to hear about new stuff that people are vibing.

Subscribe or not, but it’s a fun spot to grab a l’il inspiration at the very least. Hats off, peeps of The Newsette!

Head over and let me know what you think! Inspiring or ho-hum?