American Style: Loving That Red, White & Blue


Red, white, and blue. It may not be Independence Day and I sure as heck am not American, but there's no denying that this is a classic colour combo! Those Yankees have the right idea - when it comes to spring-time styling at least ;-)The nonstop rain of the last few weeks mean I’m pulling this beauty out a little more. And I’m not mad about it - the coat, that is. The rain can stop any time now.

This checkered coat is my vintage lover from years back and yes, I know it’s sickening that she looks brand new and is perfect in every way, but my love will not be denied and I can never share her.


I will say this though: I think many people who thrift or vintage shop tend to forget about jackets.

Or fear the usually slightly-higher price tag in something clearly not “in style” at the moment. To those people I say: STOP IT. You are missing amazing opportunities to find beautiful one-of-a-kind show stoppers.


And as a beautiful and also gorgeously coated Uni friend once told me:

The one thing it makes sense to invest in and have a variety of are jackets...they are the first thing people will see most months of the year. 👏

So to her I say, thank you, and tip my imaginary hat. Because of that one comment many, many years ago, I began to pay attention to little lovely jackets and I’ve amassed a collection of beauties that beget me many a kind compliment.


But back to the task at hand:

This outfit is comfortable, cute, the tank underneath makes it perfect for a summer BBQ that starts warm but invariably goes until there’s a chill in the air. Plus, the almost neon quality of these bold colours all paired on top of one another make it easy to spot you from the other side of the campfire (it's called safety, people).

American Style - Postcards & Polkadots

American Style - Postcards & Polkadots