Easy Vegan Bulletproof-ish Coffee


So maybe you’ve heard of Bulletproof coffee - I mean, all of the celebrities are drinking it.Or were? Who knows, frankly. I may be a bit behind the trends, or I may be right on target. Who’s to say, you guys!?

Here’s the basics behind bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is meant to eventually replace breakfast (or at least be drank before a very modest breakfast) and the idea is that by replacing a carb-heavy breakfast with this coffee, you’ll reap these benefits:

  • Suppressed hunger

  • Steady lasting energy

  • Mental clarity

Easy Vegan Bulletproof-ish Coffee

Easy Vegan Bulletproof-ish Coffee

It’s supposed to be a pesticide and everything-else-free slow-pour coffee that, when blended with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) fats, create a magic tonic said to satiate, stave off hunger, jump start the metabolism, and help you process the caffeine from the coffee more slowly, preventing the insulin crashes normally caused by caffeine intake.

In the regular version, they combine grass-fed butter and coconut oils. In the vegan version, coconut butter can replace the dairy butter.

Does it work?

I mean...it definitely helps stave off hunger (in no small part because a tablespoon of coconut butter runs close to 100 calories and a tablespoon of coconut milk is about 35 so you’re not exactly getting nothing), and I find myself drinking less coffee in the morning overall (which I think is good, to be honest, because I tend to drink too much), and I feel like my energy is better sustained, at least over the morning.

I mean, have I magically lost weight and am I suddenly running marathons every day? No.

But I still really enjoy it and find there are some lowkey benefits that make it all worthwhile.

Plus, and maybe I should have mentioned this sooner, it tastes great!


Here’s how I do it (a quick google search and you can find alternatives and add-ons):

  1. Grind a couple tablespoons of fresh, organic coffee.

  2. Put them in a filter in your slow-pour funnel (I don’t know what they’re called), and boil some water.

  3. Slow pour your coffee into a receptacle of some sort (I highly recommend the cup of your magic bullet because of the following steps).

  4. Add a tablespoon of coconut butter (also organic - I use this one) and a tablespoon or a few splashes of coconut milk (if you want added frothiness and flavour). Some sites suggest starting at ½ tablespoon of coconut butter and working your way to 2 tablespoons, but I’ve found one tablespoon to be a sweet spot for me.

  5. Blend baby, blend. For at least 30 seconds.

Drink and enjoy!

Note that if you tend to drink slow, you may need to re-mix or shake again (bring a lid!) because the coconut butter tends to settle a little.

So will you try it? Or are you already a bulletproof coffee convert!?