Flipboard: A News App


A while back I told my babe I needed an easy way to keep up with the news and preferably avoid Facebook a bit (no real news hits it anymore anyways). I had a list of specifications, actually. I needed to be able to keep up with the news in the countries I especially cared about (where I’ve lived), plus Canada, plus the general bad stuff, plus a bit of good stuff because, well, my heart.

He instantly came up with a list of options. I don’t remember all of them, because my brain doesn’t work that way, but damned if he didn’t deliver the goods.


Flipboard was the perfect choice. It’s awesome! You can “subscribe” to different news outlets (even quite obscure ones) and you can also choose to follow topics - highly specific ones like “Nicaragua” or broader ones like “travel”.

As per the name, you just flip through the items, almost like channels, and click the ones you want to read - all without having to leave the app.

Do you guys have a fave news app?