This TED-Ed Video (Briefly) Explaining Depression


Depression is tricky because we still haven't learned how to talk about it, as a society. People often acquaint the illness of depression as being the same as temporary periods of sadness, and it's kinda harmful to those of us who suffer from chronic or episodic depression; it leaves some of us feeling that there needs to be a reason to feel it - despite the research plainly indicating that this is not true. My depression pops up and affects my life in all sorts of sneaky ways. It snakes its' way into my relationships, throwing insecure shade my way, and then it trips me up at work, making me feel unsteady and impatient, and then it walks all over my free time and my goals and tells me I can't do things because I'm inadequate and so, so tired and what does it matter anyways?

I fight the dog following me around every day and it's hard and it's tiring and it takes an immense amount of work to keep it from overtaking me. But it's way better than the alternative. And it helps when other people can say that they see the dog, even if they don't understand how it got there or why it's around. And I would love if we could stop talking about it like it's optional because seriously people, who would choose that?

Anyways, thanks for watching! And if you know someone who's struggling, check in on them from time to time like you would a friend suffering from a physical illness or impairment, mmmkay?  <3

Also! What did you think of this video? I am mad for TED-Ed; even though it's geared towards teachers and students (and often younger people) I super enjoy the way they break things down in digestible and easy-to-understand bites. Do you have a favourite I should watch?