My Fave Blog Right Now: The Financial Diet


I love discovering new blogs, but I tend to stick to the same niches: lifestyle and travel (go figure). However if there’s something I feel I could use some constant support and reminders around, it’s finances. Enter this really great blog, The Financial Diet.

Not only do they have really encouraging, feel-good articles, but - even more importantly - they have step-by-step advice articles on everything from saving, smarter spending, investing, side hustles, creativity and more.

Here’s a few of my fave articles, but I’ve really just scratched the surface!

What I Learned After a Year of Saying “No” More Often & Paying Off $7,000 in Debt

31 Little Questions to Help You Feel Less Stuck

12 Simple, Daily Habits That Turn My Bad Days Into Good Ones

How to Budget by Being Boring