Banff's Cascade Ponds In the Morning


You may remember, if you follow along on Instagram, that last weekend I took myself to the mountains. Alone. For the first time ever.I needed a day off and to myself, and what better place to get back to being a full adult human, than in the mountains? It's one of my very fave ways to adventure when I need a little hit of something to shake off the routine.


I wanted to do a little hike, but my main mission was to check out a couple of new places (you guys know I need new experiences to feel like an adventurer) and practice my photo-taking skills. Plus, I’d read about Cascade Ponds and it’s beautiful mirrored scenes but had never been, despite driving past on the way to Lake Minnewanka a bunch of times.

I got up quite early (why is it easier to get up early for a fun excursion than for work, hmmm?) so that I could get there before people or harsh sunshine could disrupt the scenery. And it was so peaceful.


You guys. This is such a gorgeous spot! There’s great little picnic day spots (no camping) with picnic benches and fire pits, so I highly recommend heading out there to stake out a spot if you've got some peeps and want a little spot for a few hours.

This seems like a spot worth going back to, and I highly recommend it!


From Calgary, head directly to Banff and take the exit toward Lake Minnewanka (go right, left will take you straight on in to Banff). Almost immediately there's a turn-off to the right and a few chunks of parking.