How to Wear a Fanny Pack (All the Cool Kids Are Doing It)


If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed that fanny packs (or bum packs, to the Brits) are cropping up everywhere again.And if, like those of us born in the ‘80s, this gives you flashbacks to a time of way-too-high hair and all of the neon and terrible, terrible makeup, then you may be terrified and wondering what the hell is going on.

But I am here, as your fellow 80s friend, to share with you that fanny packs are now cool, you guys. They are.

In ALL of their iterations.


Meaning you can go casual, or you can go a little amped up, but either way, embrace the hands-free glory, friends!



Did I buy a yellow fanny pack from Amazon specifically for summer and to match my yellow sunglasses?



I figure if you're going to go with a fanny pack, why not have a little fun with it, right? Plus, and this is your "how" peeps: you definitely want to make sure people know you're wearing a fanny pack ON PURPOSE and that you made it part of your look. Avoid the possibility that they don't know that you know that fanny packs are a very specific know?


Amped up


This nicer, leather fanny and belt combo I've had for's just innocuous enough that it doesn't really go wildly in and out of style.

That said, I'm enjoying a fully judgment-free moment to wear it with aplomb! Here's a cute, inexpensive option if you want to try it without too much commitment ;-)


Which is perfect for styling option two: straight up badass. NO ONE is gonna think you're not rocking that fanny pack if you pair it with fierce and sexed up, amiright?


All these photos by Andy Nichols!

Have you hopped on board the fanny pack train, friends? Or have I convinced you to at least try it? I swear, the hands-free option is so nice!


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