Vintage Trailers (And Our Weekend Escape)


Vintage trailers, converted vans, and renovated buses are all making huge waves in the last few years. And I have a theory as to why: I think it’s because all of us older millennials are realizing that we may never have houses, and that even if we could afford it (so many of us can’t), the idea of being in the same place every day isn’t as appealing as the option to move around.Well, that or they’ve always been super popular and I just didn’t notice ;-)

Vintage Trailers (and our weekend escape)

Vintage Trailers (and our weekend escape)

But I am crazy for the little vintage trailers (and the vans...and the buses...). My latest dream (I refuse to acknowledge whether it’s just because it’s the most plausible in the short term!) is to have a little SUV that can pull a little vintage trailer.

I’ve got my eye on the bolers, probably encouraged by this article written by a neighbourhood friend. She’s got one, she’s awesome, and I think I just might be more awesome if I had one too :D 


But I think honestly I just like the suspected ease of keeping camping gear in one spot, hitching up and heading out at a moment’s notice. Also, I’d happily camp for longer periods if not crawling in and out of a tent (not the worst, just gets old after a few days, right?) And I’d love to dream of a cross-country or cross-continent camp, totally doable with a little trailer in tow.


Knowing all of this, my amazing boo took me on the best little long weekend getaway and we rented a vintage-esque trailer to test out!


We had such an amazing time. We drank a lot, painted a whole bunch, read a fair amount, and spent many hours relaxing and talking by the lake, the river, and the fake (propane) fire. Ahhhh long weekends are absolute bliss.

If there was a downside, it was the location of the campground and ergo the trailer. Plus some smoky air given all the forest fires. But you know what? Let's not dwell there :)


The new but vintage trailer was small (the dinette converted into the bed) but at almost six feet tall I could stand in it and change and make food. The little kitchen had a mini fridge with freezer, 3-burner stove, microwave, small sink, and a good amount of cupboard space. There was a tiny bathroom but that part was actually less than ideal, so we just used it for those night-time necessities.


Enjoy the cuteness, friends, because we sure did. And yes, I highly recommend buying, or renting, a vintage trailer of your own (because that’s my hope/plan!).

We found this little gem of a trailer through AirBnb - use this link if you're new to the site and get $45 off your first booking! And here's a little tip: be really sure you ask for what you want (aka privacy, trees, away from the main road, etc :) before you book!)

What say you?! Are you convinced to try one?