Little Rainbow Paper Co: “Quirky and Queer Greeting Cards”


So right off the hop, I will disclose that the owner of this adorable new company called Little Rainbow Paper Co. is a friend of mine. That said, she did not ask me to write about it on the blog; I simply chose to do so because I am in love with her designs and concept and I think you will be, too.In her own words, there just aren’t a ton of greeting card companies out there serving LGBTQA2S folks. You know? And that's a real shame, because we all deserve to celebrate the big moments in life - and the not-so-big moments, too.


You can read a bit more about the journey on her site here, or head straight to the goods for purchase over at Etsy. Bonus points for her humour and sweetness about the whole thing (you’ll see what I mean if you follow on Insta!).

Whether you identify as queer in any form or know someone who does (or, frankly, even if you don't), I think we can all agree that these cards are freaking fantastic and you can bet your ass I’ll be buying some for any and every occasion!

The below are some of my faves - which are yours!?