Di Fara Pizza: An NYC Must


By the time we reached Di Fara Pizza at the faaaarrrr end of Brooklyn after an hour and a half long walk, Andy and I, lovers of pizza, pizza connoisseurs, eaters of all-things pizza, all of the time, were pretty damned sure that no pizza was going to be good enough to be worth it after the longest walk of our lives.And damned if we weren’t dead wrong.

Di Fara Pizza is AMAZING. It’s a New York institution and there’s really no denying why. The walls are lined with newspaper and magazine editorials naming it over and over, spanning decades, as the #1 pizza spot in NYC.


It was started by a man in 1965 and he still works alongside his son and a staff or two to make the pizza every day. That’s him above! He moved slow but no one was rushing him and it was amazing that he’s still in there, cooking, when he would have no need to be. He could have just handed off the reins long ago.

If a place is considered the top pizza join in New York City, home of the perfect slice, then you best believe the hype.

It was mouth watering. It was worth the hour and a half walk followed by 30 minute wait. It was everything. It was life. It WAS pizza. It defines pizza.

You’ll never have pizza this good again. Just go.