Fall 10 x 10 Style Challenge


I'm pretty sure that until you've done some sort of challenge where you have to re-work the same articles of clothing a bunch of ways, you can't really call yourself a style blogger. Well friends, get ready to cross-stitch me a badge and paint my name on a sash because I'm ready to join the ranks of style bloggers everywhere!

First up: the 10 x 10

What's that you ask? GREAT QUESTION, pal.

It's 10 items, styled 10 ways, over 10 days.


Simple. Easy. The only true difficulty is not allowing yourself to freak out because you are someone who likes to reinvent themselves daily.



Ok but let's be serious for a moment. I have been shopping A LOT lately and in an effort to appreciate some of the things I own, be a little more creative, and step outside of my usual skinny jeans and men's button-up style rut, I am excited to give this a go.

I stumbled upon the challenge via StyleBee (the creator of this kind of challenge) and I liked her nonchalance and fun about the whole thing. I hope to carry that through into my own challenge!

The Fall 10 x 10 challenge guidelines according to her:

  1. Pick any 10 items from your wardrobe (don't buy new stuff!)

  2. Style those items into 10 different looks

  3. Do it 10 days in a row

  4. Have fun, take a picture each day, and don't take it too seriously

So how's this gonna go down?


Well, hopefully it'll be pretty simple. I'm going to post a daily snap of my outfit to Instagram, using the items below (holding myself accountable!).

Then I'll follow StyleBee's lead and do a midway post with the outfits and how I'm feeling up until then. And then I'll do a final round-up post after the 10th day where we'll explore such interesting topics as how I feel, if I would do this kind of challenge again, and just how many times DID I have to do laundry? ;-)

Now, technically jackets are supposed to count. But you know what? This is Canada and I will have to wear 2 or 3 of my allotted 6 tops some days just to stay warm so you know what? I"m gonna give myself jackets of whatever form, whenever necessary!

My 10 items


I've already come clean that I've been shopping WAY too much, so I'll admit up front that like half of these are new-ish to me. Which is ridiculous, I know. But I still think that the spirit of being more creative with each item will help me appreciate items in my closet more and keep me from continuing to over-shop.

As you can see, I chose only 2 bottoms and 2 shoes because for me, true versatility is in layering so I wanted to have a number of items to really play with up top. Plus, Calgary is set to swing in temperature anywhere from the negatives and snow to sunny and warm-ish so I needed to allow for options in those scenarios.

I let my bottoms be the wild card, if you will. You can see that most of my tops are very neutral, so I wanted to challenge myself not to play it tooo safe, which is why I opted for mahogany trousers and white (gasp!) jeans. I know. REBEL.

Will you join the fall 10 x 10?


No pressure, but I think it's a really fun idea! You could snap photos and follow along on Instagram like I plan to do, or even just challenge yourself to follow along and generate some new ideas for your own wardrobe. If you DO decide to go for it, use #ppfall10 so I can find you and follow along!