Midway in the Fall 10 x 10 Style Challenge


If you're reading this you've probably already caught up on the rules of the whole thing, so I won't get into more of that. The short and sweet version is this: 10 items, 10 days, 10 ways - as created by StyleBee.

So how am I faring being limited to only 10 items for 10 straight days? Well, it started off strong and then...well, you'll see.

Day 1:


I didn't step too far out of my comfort zone on this one. Realistically, Monday morning came a little too early and I wasn't prepared to make as much effort as I definitely should have been for day one of my challenge.

Fortunately, I had my new and amazing pants awaiting me and that made the whole thing feel easy and fun! I loved the combination of a dressy pant with a knotted sweater - it felt very me, while still being a slight departure from my fallbacks. This is an easy combo I'll mix and match in different ways down the road, for sure.

(Also, I justify the use of a cute tank as a layer because I replaced my bra with it, as I so often do. Basically, that's my underwear, and I stand by that choice (and not including it as one of my 10!)).

Day 2:


Is it weird if I say I felt kinda French in this outfit? Was it the French lessons the night before or the sleek black and white of it all...? Who can say?

No, but really, this was a very comfortable outfit and perfectly appropriate for work, with the exception that it felt a tiny touch casual should I have needed to head to an event or meeting. Still though, cute, easy, and in my LITERAL favourite colour combo.

Day 3:


I loved this outfit! I felt cool, cute, polished, a little sexy. It was everything I needed in an outfit. So much so that it leaves me feeling like I should seriously consider solid, basic separates with a twist (colour, material) as my uniform and start paring down items that don't fit that aesthetic. I rarely feel as cool and comfortable in too much pattern BUT I also crave change and get sucked in by how good other people look in patterns and colour so...I don't know guys.

Is this interesting? I'm just rambling, but I feel like this outfit was who I want to be. You know?

Day 4:


I pulled this look together basically out of desperation. But I love the way it turned out! Sometimes an unexpected accessory (hello, pink belt) can make all the difference. And although this cut of top (high neck and long-ish short sleeves) is not super flattering on me, I care not! I love it. I love that it's velvet AND floral and I love it with these pants.

The weather is set to start getting cooler again this weekend so I'm going to have to get a little more creative with layering, which will be fun, too.

Day 5:


Full disclosure: I thought this outfit looked super good in person (better than it photographed) but it wasn't entirely comfy. I think the combo of a tank and a lined blazer were not the best. Which maybe I didn't realize because normally I wear like a t shirt or a long sleeve with a blazer?

Midway Thoughts

It's silly to say so, because I've liked every outfit so far, but I am kind of feeling over the challenge and I'm only halfway through! 😩

I think the hardest thing right now is trying to a) get laundry done when I only have two pairs of pants and b) keeping my outfits fresh and unique despite wavering climes (in other words, the weather is annoying).

BUT! I will persevere! And I am feeling very inclined to downsize my closet a little bit based on the fact that there are certain items I'm wearing that I feel my absolute best in. You know?

So, despite the difficulty, I think it's proving to be a good exercise for me. Will you try it!?

P.S. I'll list where you can find my clothing items or similar pieces in the final post.