Sparking Joy in my Life, One Non-Material Thing at a Time


No disrespect to Miss Kondo (legit - I am OBSESSED and have been crazy about sparking joy in my house and decluttering and tidying and ALL that jazz) but all the crazy internet people both loving and hating on the KonMari method got me to thinking about joy in all its’ particulars.And the way I read the messaging around what she’s trying to do/say, is about gratitude and slower consumerism. The start of the process is alarming, perhaps, with bags of donated items and garbage accruing. But the intent, to my mind, is one of simple gratitude. And while I am extraordinarily grateful for the plentiful goods in my home and life, I also wanted to take a quick gratitude check in for the non-material things I’m so fortunate to have.


Join me, if you’d like, or find gratitude in your own way. But today I feel good and I want to extend that feeling as far and wide as I can get it 🌞

  1. Adventures in any and every form. I love few things more than almost any new experience. A weekend getaway, a unique exercise class, a photo-taking mission to nowhere in particular, or a fun new coffee shop/library/art museum would all easily fit the bill.

  2. Coffee. Coffee is my happy place, and not just from the addicted morning perk perspective. I love the smell, the feel, the warmth, the colour, the way you can add things to it that enhance or decrease the flavour profile in a way that makes sense to your mouth. I love holding a cup, especially if it’s oversized, the feeling of wrapping my fingers through the handle. Everything about coffee makes me immensely happy.

  3. Intense, passionate conversations with my girlfriends about social injustice, politics, inequality, style (not everyone CAN wear mustard, Maja 🤣), work/life balance, and everything in between. These convos light me up in a way little else does.

  4. Meadows filled with wildflowers, or even just pictures of meadows filled with wildflowers. Little white daisies are my fave, but I love a riotous, imperfect collection of colours and a general evocation of wild freedom, bare feet, and whipping hair in the wind. You know?

  5. When other people talk about their passion. The way someone’s face lights up when they’re talking about what they love is such a good feeling, it’s like their happiness is spilling on to you. Totally sparking joy, just by talking about something they care about = awesome.

  6. The mountains. Every time I'm in them, catch a glimpse of them, get to camp in them...the mountains make me feel alive and grateful on SUCH a level.

  7. Last because it’s maybe the most obvious, but certainly not least: relationships with my favourite people and the constant and unconditional happiness that is my puggy bug. I have taken to tearing up when I think of her, just like on the regular, because in 10 years she’s brought more to my life than any other thing ever could <3


What’s sparking joy for you right now, friends? I strongly encourage you to find simplicity and gratitude wherever you can and don't get too caught up on what the people on the internet (or even naysayers in your own life) have to say. 

P.S. I am currently finishing my first ever vlog on my journey as I KonMari’d my entire apartment, so if you’re into it, watch out for that in the coming weeks!