To My Badass Girlfriends on Galentine's Day


Dear beautiful, badass Queens,

This month is normally dedicated to a more traditional kind of love, but with the advent of Leslie Knope, we got the confirmation of everything we’ve known for years: we should be celebrating the love we have with and for our girlfriends at least as often as the love celebrated with a partner.

And so this love letter is for you, my beautiful, badass girlfriends.

It’s been a tough road; around every corner you’ve had to deal with upsets and disappointments, restrictions and inequalities, broken hearts and even bodies.

But you’ve continued on. You push through, you do the hard work, you survive and even thrive. You beat the odds and you manage to laugh when you do. You express empathy, passion, intensity, softness, and fortitude at every turn.

You demand opportunity and equal pay in your career. You expect respect and settle for nothing less. You bend and move to the constantly shifting demands of you, of women, of how to be woman.

And at the end of every day, when you should be exhausted and soaking in a tub, you’re answering your phone and cheering one another on. You’re watching someone’s kids and tending to your own, you’re making dinner and climbing corporate ladders and loving your partners and bearing witness to their successes.

Thank you for always showing up for one another, and for me.

Thank you for holding space for your friends and their flaws.

Thank you for bearing the kids and raising the kids, sometimes alone.

Thank you for leading the way and taking time to mentor other women.

Thank you for breaking barriers at your job so I have less to break down when I get there.

Thank you for making me laugh and helping me to forget the worries of the day.

Thank you for feeding me and wine-ing me when I couldn’t cope with the world for another second.

Thank you for being awesome, badass queens. I love you!