Weekend Vibes Nº 001

It’s just another snowy February day here in Calgary; I’m sick and had to bail on a friend, and I’m bored and feeling unproductive. So...inspired by some of my fave bloggers, and missing the old Friday Faves posts (but I basically struggle to keep up with a weekly routine), I’m going to share a less frequent, more robust listicle on anything and everything that I think you should check out.

Do let me know what you think of this new, slightly less structured, plan 😘

  • If you haven’t watched the new Netflix show Sex Education, you really should. It’s lighthearted but doesn’t lack depth, and they talk real issues young people face - both in life, and in sex. I can’t wait for Season 2.

  • Also check out Life in Pieces if you’re a fan of an offbeat family dramedy - Zoe Lister Jones is my favourite.

  • Andy’s been obsessed with the new Weezer “Teal” album and though I’m not a music nerd myself, I think he’s kind of on to something.

  • If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s work (and who isn’t!?), you must follow accidentallywesanderson on Instagram - their feed is soft, symmetrical bliss and my happiest place on the ‘gram.

  • A friend just turned me on to the beauty and simplicity of Oak + Fort clothing, and I think you should take a look. I snagged this dress and will do a style post on it as soon as the temperatures warm up a bit!

  • My new friend and fun travel blogger, Paige, pulled together a great post on best spots for female travel in 2019, and she included my write-up on Scotland. Head on over and give it a peek!

  • Late to the game, as always, I’m finally attempting to get into podcasts and found a few that I’m enjoying. I think I like them best for learning, and have been listening to Amy Porterfield teach people how to build a successful online business.

  • I’m also watching more YouTube videos lately, and I’ve stumbled across one of the cutest people - bestdressed. She posts a lot on style-mixing and thrifting (two of my fave things) but I find her energy and occasional oddity all around delightful.

  • I finally finished Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” - full review coming soon and this weekend I’ll be getting back into The Longevity Diet. I’ll aim to report back on that by early March.

Have a great weekend, friends!