Michelle Obama's "Becoming"

It’s the weirdest thing: I want to read autobiographies, memoirs, and biographies because I love to hear what makes people tick and how they became...them...but I always find them a tiny bit slow-moving and I’m never sure of how to feel afterward.

As you can imagine, this makes it a bit tough to write you a review of Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”, despite the inclination to just say “read it!”.


I will say that she’s as fierce and sort of morally uncompromising as you might assume she is, but she surprised me in the compromises she made for her marriage. Like, a lot. Now, a lot of us would say that it’s not a huge compromise maybe to be the First Lady of the United States - more so, the immense impact of being the first Black family in the White House. But she did. She had a whole big, bold life and a big career trajectory all her own and it essentially got relegated to non-existent when she decided to get behind Barack running.

Not that she deserves pity, and in fact I don’t get the impression she’s interested in any of that. But it was an interesting perspective on a previously close-lipped woman. If you’ve been paying any attention to the media over the last couple of years, she’s certainly done being silent. And I absolutely dig that about her.

In her book she’s clear about the people she mistrusts, the times she didn’t like prominent individuals, and even those occasions when she changed her mind on some of those people (Hillary Clinton, for one). But she is never mean or digging, and in fact seems more level-headed than I think most could be. Well that, or she’s got good editors ;-) (I kid, I really do get the impression she’s even-keeled and prone to having a bit of a soft heart).

Anyways, I think if you love Michelle Obama and want to know her better, this is a great and easy read and you will learn something about her, about Barack, and about what being inside the White House is like. But I think if you’re obsessed with Barack, and not so much her, you might find that there’s not as much here for you. I personally can’t wait to see what both of them do next!