3 Easy Interview Looks

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that dressing for an interview always feels like a chore. There’s so much riding on your overall presentation, that it’s easy to find yourself caught between wanting to showcase your best self but not wanting to appear boring or without personality.

If you’re anything like me, you may like to express yourself through your clothing in general, making the interview tightrope feel extra precarious. How do you find the perfect outfit for everything you are, everything you’re trying to be, and all that you want to say?

Well I’m here to tell you that in my experience, an interview is not the time for all that (unless you’re some kind of super hip artist, in which case, you do you).

For most of us, an interview is the time for a classic, low-key, pulled together look that will put your words and experience at the forefront. You’re going for simple, sophisticated, and unfussy. This is the time to pull out those wardrobe staples! Black, white, and grey are classics for a reason my friend.

Here are 3 easy, great interview looks that you can likely pull together with items you already own. Stick with some simple basics, throw your best blazer over top, add a couple of well-placed accessories (nothing too flashy!), and remember simple details like a structured bag and clean shoes/boots make a big difference. You can still have a little fun in how you mix and match or style your basics - just keep it balanced!

Classic Look

3 Easy Interview Looks.jpg

Creative Twist

3 Easy Interview Looks.jpg

A Little Bit Hipster

3 Easy Interview Looks.jpg

Now go rock that interview, and let your skill set do the talking!

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